VIVA Project

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Shaw was engaged by VIVA Energy Australia to replace 100m sections of their
white oil and black oil pipelines in Devonport. After permissions for work were
obtained, services identified, and pipe procured, straight sections were coated,
and others were sent to Victoria for the induction bending prior to coating.

The existing services for the new alignment were deeper than specified and thus
excavation works were greater than anticipated. Pipe installation was divided
into three sections, at a road crossing, along a footpath, and up to the railway
where a shoring box was required. The pipe was strung and welded above ground as much as possible prior to installation into the trench. Joints were coated on site. Hydrostatic testing, strength testing, gauging, pigging of the pipe, and NDT (non-destructive testing) of the welds occurred, proving the pipe sections were adequate. NDT was further required on the ageing existing pipes to identify a connection point with adequate thickness and minimal defect for the ‘golden welds’ (the tie-in locations).

Trenches were backfilled as the pipe was installed, first with bedding sand with
specific properties to ensure cathodic protection was maintained. Remedial
works and de-establishment are to occur. In addition to those mentioned, this
project has encountered many challenges, however the site team and the client
have worked together well to ensure all works are completed in a safe manner
and to a high standard. Special thanks go to our subcontractors Haywards and
Summers Earth Moving for their services and the site team of Tony, Johnno,
Danny and Richard for all their efforts for a job well done.