TasWater Queenstown Water Main Project Update

Shaw Contracting have started a water main renewal at Queenstown for
TasWater. It comprises of approximately 500m of water main replacement in
100mm PVC or 63mm HDPE. There are 29 house connections as part of the
contract. We had an inglorious start by hitting an unmarked sewer main on the
first day. Since then we have happily laid water main mainly in the rain. For a
place that receives 2.4m of rain per year, two pairs of wet weathers is required.
We have seen lots of rain with our least being 1.7mm and the most being an
unpleasant 10mm.

The team have been resilient and working through it, with Danny Wescombe
leading the charge with his trusty 8T excavator and Shaun Burr on standby with
the 13T excavator to help if we encounter any rock. On the ground we have Nic
Hanstein, Jamie Smith, Derek Hanstein and Dennis Ball.

We have not completed any connections yet so public interaction has been
minimal. There are several locals that provide us with constant advice and offers
of assistance, of course adhering to social distance.