TasRail IIP Coastal Erosion Project

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Shaw was engaged by TasRail to undertake coastal erosion works on their
western line at KPW 167 in Sulfur Creek. KPW 167 consisted of two sites close to each other, both at approximately 80 m in length.

Before site establishment, traffic management and major works commenced
all permissions to work were obtained, one of which was the permission to
temporarily relocate penguins found within the site. Subsequently, penguin
monitoring was a daily aspect to this project.

These works typically involved excavating to the design profile, placing geofabric, and then placing the rock layers to their required thickness: Class II Rock (50 kg – 350 kg), Class I Rock (600 kg – 2500 kg), Class III Rock (3000 kg – 4000 kg later relaxed to 1700 kg – 3000 kg) as capping to the structure. Excavation and rockplacement was typically conducted in 20 m sections to ensure the stability of the embankment.

Despite the general works being straightforward the project was not without its
challenges. Rock had to be moved safely over the railway without risk of track
damage. To achieve this a single lane was closed for truck dumping and worker

The rocks were then moved over the track by a 30T digger whilst the track was protected by a container base sitting on two tractor tyres. The rocks were then put in place by a 20T GPS digger which also excavated the embankment. Other challenges included: working around train schedules, working around tides and storms, pedestrians, traffic management, gaining of permissions and the supplier running out of Class III Rock.

These challenges were handled well by all involved, which ensured the works were completed safely and to a high standard. The standard realised at KPW 167 has led to work on another site, approximately 200 m in Penguin at KPW 159, major works started Monday 21st October.

Special thanks go to the Shaw team of Gary, Alex and Johnno and our
subcontractors Hamilton Excavations, Jetter Excavations, Digga Excavations and VEC for a job well done.